Turning Left on main road

Turning Left From a Major to Minor Road


M: Check your interior and left door mirror when turning left. Look out for anything following close behind and emerging on your left when you slow down – like cyclists.
S: Make sure you signal in good time, so it benefits other road users. Be careful of signalling before the road you actually want.
P: If you’re driving on quite a wide road, then adjust your position to the left, about 1-2 drain widths from the kerb. If your on a narrow road, then maintain your normal driving position.

S: Brake gradually, until you have reduced your speed to around 10mph. Once your speed is down or before the car judders/engine revs become lower, then select 2nd gear. Try to bring the clutch back up before turning into the new road to avoid coasting. Sometimes the corner may be very tight or you may have to slow down more for vehicles crossing your path – so be prepared to drop down to 1st gear if your speed goes below 5mph.
Always look ahead and into the road you are going to turn into in good time. You have priority over vehicles wanting to turn right. Always check to see if other vehicles ahead are slowing down to give way to you turning first- if not, you may need to hold back.

turning left how-to