Driving Test Cancellations

There’s a few methods to find a driving test quicker or even find a theory test sooner

In the video above we discus also the few ways for you to find a driving test sooner, you can also check our links to change driving test or to change theory test by clicking here

Fed up of the waiting list? Want an earlier driving test? Need to pass driving test quickly? How to book theory test early?

  1. Above is the official link to changing your driving test or cancelling your theory test. Driving test cancellation is a top method is trying to find a driving test sooner or theory test alot quicker. The way it works is you log into your driving test details or theory test references online or over the phone and you keep checking to see if someone has cancelled their driving test or if someone has cancelled their theory test. If so the slot will appear online or over the phone and you book that slot

2. You can ask your driving instructor as some driving instructors will book tests in advance using their students driving details and then sell the slot on to those students who are finding it hard to get driving slots.

How To Find Driving Test Cancellations For Free

So you want to find driving test cancellations for free?

3. There are quite a few apps who will find driving cancellations for you automatically. Some offer this service for free but a limited amount of time before you pay for an upgrade. Always check for stars and reviews before you make the purchase

Here’s an example on android phone of a few that come up, as we say check the star rating and reviews before any purchases