Does your driving instructor take you to your test

It’s a question that is often ranted about on social media or online forums, in the hope to find out if others have encountered the same or a similar problem. There can be many reasons as to why a driving instructor would refuse to take you for your driving test; some are right, some are wrong, and some are just lies. We will try to shed some light right now on the question: “Why doesn’t my driving instructor want to take me for my driving test?”

Girl unhappy after failing her driving test

Reason 1: You’re not ready for your test

Driving instructors have a moral obligation to only take learner drivers to the test centre who they believe stand a good chance of passing. The national driving test pass rate varies each year, but it’s usually around 45%.

Many instructors work on this basis. If your chances of passing are less than 50%, then you shouldn’t go for your driving test.

Reason 2: You booked your driving test without consulting them first

In this instance, your driving instructor is correct in saying they can’t take you for your driving test. You have to remember they have a diary of other clients who they have to look after. If you have booked a short notice test without consulting them, then you risk your driving instructor saying they can’t get you ready in time.

Reason 3: You’ve cancelled too many lessons or haven’t turned up to lessons approaching the test

If your driving instructor gave you the go ahead to book your test, but you have since cancelled lessons or not turned up to lessons on the lead up to the test, then your instructor may not think they can get you ready in time. Many instructors ask you to book the driving test in advance in anticipation you will be ready. They don’t want to get you ready, then say book the test when the waiting time can often be 8-10 weeks. If you have agreed to do lessons leading up to your test, then you should honour the agreement unless your instructor says you don’t need so many lessons. This can happen often happen if a pupil suddenly improves. Sometimes the penny or the “ah-ha” drops in lessons and sudden improvements do happen.

Reason 4: You fail a mock test badly 1-2 weeks before the test

Your instructor has conducted a mock test 1-2 weeks prior to your test. You have failed quite badly. In some instances, pupils accelerate their learning, but in many cases leading up to the driving test, nerves and pressure cause learners to drive worse. If you start making erratic decisions and fail a mock driving test quite badly, then the instructor (with reluctance) may have to advise you are not ready for your test and to put it back or increase the lessons leading up to your test.

Any honourable driving instructor who has been teaching a pupil from the beginning should manage their expectations throughout the driving lessons and try to help them understand why they aren’t ready in advance.

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Examples of non-acceptable reasons for not taking a pupil to their driving test

  1. Your instructor has told you to book your test; you have turned up to all your lessons in a physically fit/stable frame of mind, then your instructor tells you with no notice to cancel the driving test as you are not ready for it. This, in our opinion, is unacceptable. The instructor should always tell you in advance (minimum of 5 days notice, ideally more). If they have left it until the day before, they have seriously let you down. The moment you pass the deadline to cancel the test, the instructor should take you for your driving test unless you are unwell.
  2. With only 5 days notice before your test, they should be able to make a judgement call and if they believe you aren’t ready for your test, then at least you have time to get a second opinion, cancel the test or take their advice and put the test date back.
  3. Your instructor has fallen ill or has a family emergency the night before the test. This is very suspicious, and unfortunately, there isn’t a lot you can do about this aside from taking their word for it. You can try to hire a dual controlled car at short notice.

In summary, if you listen to your instructor, respect them, turn up for your lessons, don’t cancel on your instructor, don’t book the driving test without consulting your instructor you should (hopefully) never be in the horrible position where you are stranded with no instructor or car for the test.

You will read many stories online, true and false. However, in most instances where a pupil has been let down at short notice it’s because they have booked a short notice test, or they haven’t had any lessons leading up to their test (gone missing) and one week before the test they text their driving instructor saying can I have 2 lessons before my test next week?

We hope and trust our instructors treat pupils how they would like to be treated. Pupils should do the same, and if this happens, then everyone should be on for the P = Pass!