Can I do driving lessons and take my driving test during the coronavirus pandemic?

s part of the easing of England’s third coronavirus lockdown, the Government has announced that driving lessons should be able to restart from 12 April and practical driving tests will be on from 22 April. This should help to ease the backlog of learners waiting to take their test but couldn’t for much of the past year. 

When instructors are able to offer practical driving lessons again, a number of coronavirus safety measures are likely to be required, especially if restrictions are eased before the majority of the UK’s population has had a coronavirus vaccination.

Instructors and students will have to sanitise their hands before the start of the lesson and both will have to wear face masks and disposable gloves. Tutors could also wear face visors and clothing that covers their arms and legs. To minimise the spread of infection, car windows should be kept open during lessons.  

When driving lessons restarted on 4 July 2020 after the first lockdown was lifted, instructors were asked to thoroughly wipe down all parts of the vehicle that may have been touched by pupils at the end of each lesson. We expect this requirement to continue, too.