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Daizy Wale: Thanks again for ur patience n hard work... It was scary at times (STOPP still rings in my ears!!!) But we did it!! To my fantastic teacher - Farhan - ur Ace!! Kinda miss u still well worth it... Oh n my cake was delicious too! xx​
Sarah Sheriff: The best instructor I've had, I started off with the AA and went from BSM to loads of private instructors, but I hardly learnt anything let alone feel comfortable. With Farhan I felt comfortable and at ease, no pressure and learnt really well with easy to learn and memorise tips and ideas. Behind each move there's an explanation, so ur not just learning what to do, but learning and understanding why your doing something.
Juliette: I started driving with another driving instructor and after failing, I decided to leave him. With my next test coming up in 3 weeks I had to find someone who was willing to take on this challenge and after reading a good testimonial about him from a friend, I'd decided to give Farhan a try. His calm, comfortable, no pressure approach made me feel at ease and confident that I would pass the test. After 3 weeks and only 3 lessons I passed my driving test with ease. Although I've only know Farhan for a short period of time I guarantee you he's one of the best instructors you'll ever meet, experienced, knowledge, punctual. I'll recommend anyone to ready to learn how to drive or ready to take their test.
Mohammed: Failed my test the first time round... was having lessons with BSM. Then signed up with FM Driving School. Excellent Driving school, With Excellent driving instructor <<<FARHAN>>>. I Passed with a total of <<<ONLY 1 MINOR>>>. WOULD RECOMMEND TO ALL. Value for money. Good knowledge of possible test routes.
Celine Maryline Vetter: I am French, I've drived since 18 Year old, but I needed some Refresher lessons. I did it with Fmdriving School and I am delighted because I gained confidence to drive in the UK (on the other side of the road!!). THANK YOU Sooo Much. x
Yomi: Farhan is the best driving instructor around. After a bit of disappointment with some driving instructors few years ago, I bumped onto FM Driving school page and read a lot of great testimonies. And only just 3weeks to my Test I had couple of lessons with Farhan and I'm happy to say I passed with ease. Thanks Farhan...YOU ARE THE BEST :)
Marie Hansell: Great driving instructor. I passed really quickly with Farhan's help. Relaxed but professional and motivated at the same time. Thanks.
Imtiyaz Ehmed: Today I passed the practical test with Farhan in Ashford. took less than ten lessons. I was not familiar with the area before. but with Farhan's instructions I managed to passed with 5 miners first time in Ashford. Thanks Farhan you are great.
Mirand: ​Interior left, Interior right - lol... these are the words I will never forget about you Farhan. I would like to say this has been the greatest driving school and learning experience ever. As a result I have learned a great amount of skills and passed first time at Southall driving centre. In addition I would like to say that if you are looking for a driving school and a great experience this is the guy and place to visit.​
Rhoda Abbey: Farhan had the challenge of turning me, the sloppy driver with no skills into a test ready driver in 3 weeks! glad to say his flexibility, relaxed but firm teaching style and overall friendliness helped me to do this! I passed with ease and remain friends with Farhan as he such a nice guy. I would (and have) recommend to all of my friends who are learning and wish him every success in the future!
Dorothy Chapman: Farhan is just the best instructor, he was patient with me, never panics and teaches you everything you need to know to become the best, safest and knowledgeable driver you can be on any road. I am proud of him and definitely recommend him anyone to anyone ready for their practical test.
Haitao: I am very happy I passed the exam. thanks very much Farhan!! Who wants to pass your exam in the first time?!?! Strong recommended this young man, you can have fun and pass your exam at the same time!!
Khalid: Best Instructor Available By FAAAAAAAAAAAR... Passed with his instructions in just a few Lessons.. I would recommend him to Everyone.. when I mean everyone I mean anyone and everyone that I know of. He's the main man for driving that I know of... and I thank him for his expertise and guidance throughout the lessons, and Definitely his next student will be my brother.woohoooo.
Yifan Yang: Amazing driving instructor, patient, explains everything clearly, makes learning to drive fun. passed first time, highly recommend him to anyone.
Rishi Sethi: I passed the practical test in Southall last week. I managed to pass 1st time and would not have been able to do so without fm driving school and Farhan. I had a few lessons with another driving school before and I picked up some bad driving habits and but with Farhan's help I was able to overcome these and I now feel totally comfortable on the roads, driving safely and to a high standard. I highly recommend learning with him.
Ali Ilyas: Farhan's a great instructor... Passed first time- couldn't be happier, I was nervous at the beginning but learning with him was so easy. Big up FM driving.
Jane Luc: Excellent driving instructor, knowledgeable, experienced, always punctual, and patient. Farhan is very thorough and teaches at a good speed. It was a bit of trial and error finding an instructor that I feel comfortable with and has a good teaching method but I am very happy now I have found one. Definitely recommend!