Theory Test

The Theory Test is a computer based test and consists of 2 parts, multiple choice and hazard perception of which both need to be passed before a practical test can be booked.

The pass mark needed 43/50 [multiple choice] 44/75 [hazard perception]

Test can be booked online or call 0300 200 1122, for more info visit DSA website

Practical Test

The test is 40 minutes long, one maneuver, 10 minutes independent driving, and maybe the emergency stop.

There are 4 possible maneuvers, bay parking, turn in the road, parallel park, reverse round the corner.

The examiners have certain Driving test routes which they follow, these routes cross path and so with your instructor you would be doing most of the roads. There are New test routes due to the independent driving, and so the old test routes aren't the same but the roads are still similar.

The Independent driving involves following signs or remembering directions from diagram.

Once you get in test centre, you will need to show your provisional license and id, sign insurance document for the car, then an eye site check of 20.5m. You will then be asked 2 question from the 'SHOW ME TELL ME'.

To view the questions or see the videos visit our show-me-tell-me page.

Driving test booking costs £61, and £75 on weekends. you can book your driving test online on DSA website

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