Pass in 21 days!

Intensive Course

Our student came to us hoping to pass as quick as possible. We decided together that the intensive course was probably the best course needed for this. Taking lessons everyday almost, about 10hrs a week. sometimes if we both were free randomly we would just book in a lesson. This way everything was fresh in the head, non stop practicing to give the best chance of passing. Having picked a test centre to practise around, we spent many hours driving around the test routes. Only to find a short day notice test at a different test centre and only 3 days to practice at the new test centre. But we teach safe driving. We give the skills needed to drive anywhere. But non the less, new area, new roads, may hinder the ability to pass. As we waited eagerly, our student came back smiling with the test certificate in her hand. Only 3 weeks it took !!

Brand New to Driving

Never Driven?

Never driven before but hear great reviews. Having initially assessed the students ability to learn we decided our student is an extremely capable and fast leaner. Went on the dual carriageway on our 2nd lesson. Amazing ability to pick up what we teach. We as much as we can and don’t ever delay the progress of our students. If we feel we can get you passed in 5hrs, we will !!! One of our quickest leaners, had it not been exam season, and having to take 3 months off, we could’ve got our student to pass within a month, mayb 6 weeks. But non the less, life takes over, whether it is exams in this case, or for others, family, financial, holidays, what ever the reason, once we get you back to our way of learning we will get you passed. Our student here passed 1st time !! keep smiling and check our facebook, instagram platforms to see more great stories.

Already had lessons?

Driven Before?

Its ok if you had lesson or driven abroad. We get many students at different levels. Some have had bad experiences with their instructor and just want to start again, some just need some tips on how to drive to pass, others need to learn the rule of UK roads. What ever the level we are here to help. Like our who within 5 lessons we got him to pass, very good river and confident on the road. We didnt wait around and got him to do the test as soon as he can. They all keep passing with FM Driving School.